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New sonnet

The structure of the Petrarchan sonnet goes like:


this is an example of one

In what bright realm, what sphere of radiant thought A
Did Nature find the model whence she drew B
That delicate dazzling image where we view B
Here on this earth what she in heaven wrought? A
What fountain-haunting nymph, what dryad, sought A
In groves, such golden tresses ever threw B
Upon the gust? What heart such virtues knew?— B
Though her chief virtue with my death is frought. A
He looks in vain for heavenly beauty, he C
Who never looked upon her perfect eyes, D
The vivid blue orbs turning brilliantly – C
He does not know how Love yields and denies; D
He only knows, who knows how sweetly she C
Can talk and laugh, the sweetness of her sighs. D

in this sonnet there is one metaphor ” she is an angel”
in this poem i think it is about a women being described as a wonderful person
there is no volta in this poem
my haiku:
with a ladies shape
they will always look pretty
and that’ll never change

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My sonnet

The night is cold with sense of mystery
Your target is within your striking range
The crime will fill the books of history
As you begin to strike you start to change

You climb to the top of the bell tower
When the clock strikes 11 it shall start
At last the time has shortened by an hour
You jump of the tower without a heart

Swiftly killing your target quietly
The crowd was in total shock at the sight
It could of been done very violently
It was still beautiful in its own height

You never know what will happen to you
But your mind really doesn’t have a clue

What do you think about this sonnet
How does this make you feel
What do you feel this poem is about
Do you like/dislike this

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Scene analysis

In this scene in hotel Rwanda it builds up a lot of suspense

The mist : the mist creates a lot of mystery because 1 you cannot see were you are going and 2 it hides what lurks beneath the mist and it is quite disturbing also by covering up what is beneath the mist until Paul sees what it is, it makes it more dramatic and shocking at the same time

When Paul falls out of the car the camera for a second stay still by doing this it looks like Paul tripped deliberately and when you go to the next shot he is on the floor looking at something which we don’t know until the camera switches around to see a young boy killed by a machete ( the reason we know this is because when the camera switches around the sound of a machete cutting threw the air is input into the film giving us a better understanding of how the boy got to were he is now

The director uses quite a lot of camera angles in this 90 seconds but with doing this it just makes this a well thought out scene, in the car you can see over the shoulder which is like you a actual passenger in the back seat also you can see what they see ( almost right because you can hardly see anything ) giving us a better view of what they are doing
The the car stops the camera s fixed on a mid shot of Paul coming out of the car, then suddenly he falls other but the camera stay giving us the feeling the it was accidental

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Pictures of me :P

Mid shot

Mid shot

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Just a little preview

It was 9:00 pm Stratford Olympic stadium it was the last 100m race of the night, 10,000 fans cheering you on, & a gold medal waiting for you at the finish line you can not mess this up. I prepare my self for the 10 seconds of intense power and speed as I get into the starting position. 3. 2. 1. BANG

My coach said that dream would never come true unless you work and train hard, so I listened to him and I trained constantly ( obviously with breaks ) for one year, times were getting faster, stamina getting higher everything was improving but my coach was still disappointed I never knew why he was but ever since his wife died he has always been competitive and always wanted to win any challenge no matter how small it is but as always no one cared because he was a great coach overall
Days passed and I haven’t trained for a while now because my doctor said that I had to rest from to much strain whilst doing the training you see I’m not one of these guys who always oppose what you are told, I always listen just in case it life threatening but now back to the story.

I had just eaten a full English breakfast so I am nice and full for the long journey to Liverpool to visit my mum, when I go she always asks me the same question ” how’s the training daring ” I always reply ” it’s going fine, no problems ” so we just talk and before I know it it’s time for me to go back home so I say me goodbyes and go to the door but then my mum halts me at the door to give me something it is a shark tooth neckless all the way from the Canary Islands she to.d me that they were enchanted and would keep me protected throughout the worst dangers I took it just to keep her happy and went

I’m in training and whilst we are on our break I look at the shark tooth and I realise that I had a symbol engraved on it, it looked ancient from the 9th centery or somthing but that wasnt important it was time to get back to training and it was a breeze as I was the fastest there. Every single time i finished a race people were always looking at me because i never even broke a sweat, even me i was surprised, but as always the coach was still the same and still wanted me to run he even claimed ” with times like that how are you gonna face up to usain bolt or yohan blake my instant reply was i dont know so we carried on training and when the day was over i went home and freashened up to go out with my mates to see a freindly footy match and after we were going clubing so it going to be one heck of a night

The next morning i wake up to find to shark tooth has been crushed and scattered all pver the kitchen table so i get the dust pan and brush and sweep it up when im sweeping i realise that this is alot of dust for one tooth so i start thinking and as its the weekend i have to stay in my house because an electrisian is coming to fix my electrics so whilst he’s here im gonna try and figure out what happened last night.

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Question:  how does shakespere explore the concept of fate in romeo & juliet

answer: I think Shakespeare explores this by included a load of metaphors within one scene by doing this he implants a picture into your mind and let’s you imagine more clearly

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Metaphor in Romeo and Juliet

Your task is to identify the metaphor present in the following excerpt and then write a paragraph that explains the metaphor and its effect on the meaning of the passage it is embedded in.



I fear, too early: for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night’s revels and expire the term
Of a despised life closed in my breast
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.
But He, that hath the steerage of my course,
Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen.

Feel free to watch the presentation again from this lesson to remind you of how to approach a passage that contains a metaphor:

Year 9 English – Shakespearian Language from Edutronic.net on Vimeo.

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The title hands of fate is used many times during the play and the movie for an example :

a consequence yet hanging in the stars this means something bad yet come forth and take place because at the they both end their once they find out their both dead Romeo go the burial site of Juliet to speak with her but there are two differences between the play and the movie. in the play Paris brawls with Romeo and dies during the fight and when he go’s to drink the poison Juliet stays in the trance and in the movie juliet awakes during the action of Romeo drinking the poison and instead of her stabbing herself in the movie she takes Romeo’s gun and shoots herself to be with Romeo ( in hevean )

Also one of the major thing is that the swords have been replaced with guns and it is one of the biggest changes of all and instead of the prince being “prince” he’s the head of the police chief which is kinda weird but they had to modernise it to keep up with

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Shakesphare play phrase

“To be not to be that is the question”
After all these years I’ve still not been able to find the answer to this question nor find a reason why it even existed in the first place.
Can anyone help me on this please


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